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Research Interests

Marine Biology

Environmental Impact Assestment 

Marine Pollution

Water Pollution



Earth System Science: Biosphere

Marine Biology

Environmental Toxicology

MSc/PhD Students

Miss Suksiri Chooklin

Miss Kosal Hak

Mr. Soum Thorn

National Proceeding

Dummee, V., Kruatrachue, M., Trinachartvanit, W., Tanhan, P., Pokethitiyook, P., Damrongphol, P and Singhakaew, S. (2012). Bioaccumulation of heavy metals and histological analysis in the golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata from Beung Boraphet reservoir, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Proceedings of CoE on Environmental Health and Toxicology Conference 2012, 30 June – 1 July 2012, Bangkok, Thailand.

  Year: 2012

Tag: Biology   

Dummee, V., Kruatrachue, M., Trinachartvanit, W., Tanhan, P., Damrongphol, P., Pokethitiyook, P., Singhakaew, S. (2013). Ultrastructural changes in the intestine epithelial cell of Pomacea canaliculata treated by 96h – LC50 concentration of copper sulphate. Proceedings of the 30th MST Annual Conference, 23 rd – 25 th January 2013, Chanthaburi, Thailand

  Year: 2013

Tag: Biology   

Bunthawin, S., Sornsilpa., T. Dummee, V., Chanmethakul, T. and Ritchie, J. (2014). Histological study of O. niloticus’ egg to determine shell thickness for calculation of the induced transmembrane. The 9th Annual Conference of the Thai physics Society Siam Physics Congress 2014,  26th -29th March 2014, Nakon Ratchasima Thailand.

  Year: 2014

Tag: BioPhysics   

Kaewchan, V., Tonklang, S.,  Dummee, V. and Chanmethakul., T. (2014) Genesis in Dog Conch (Strombus canarium) From Yao Yai, Phang-Nga Province, National Conference of Blue Ocean Science, 10th-12th June 2014, Sonkla Thailand. (In Thai)

  Year: 2014

Tag: Marine biology   

Charoennophakul, P. and Dummee, V. (2018). BOD loading and its relation with land use in Bang Yai canal catchment Phuket Thailand. The Annual Conference of the Thai Environmental Regional Office, 22nd -24th September 2018, Nakon Sri Thammarat Thailand. (In Thai)

  Year: 2018

Tag: Water pollution   

National Journal Articles

Dummee, V., Tansakul, P. and Peerapornpisal, Y. (2007). Species diversity of benthic diatoms and its relation to environmental variables in Ton Ngachang Waterfall, Songkhla province.” on Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology, 29(1): 73-78. (In Thai)

Link:   Year: 2007

Tag: Science   

Dummee, V., Chanmethagul, T. Tonklang, S. and Kaewchan W. 2016. Gametogenesis study in dog conch Strombus canarium Linnaeus,1758 (Strombidae) from Koh Yao Yai, Phang-Nga province. Journal of Fisheries Technology Research, 10(2). (In Thai)

Link:   Year: 2016

Tag: Fisheries Technology   

International Journal Articles

Dummee, V., Kruatrachue, M., Trinachartvanit, V., Tanhan, P., Pokethitiyook, P. and Damrongphol, P. (2012). Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in water, sediments, aquatic plant and histopathological effects on the golden apple snail in Beung Boraphet reservoir, Thailand. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 86: 204-212 (Scopus Journal Q1, ISI Q2)

Link: Year: 2012

Tag: Environmental Science   

Dummee, V., Tanhan, P., Kruatrachue, M., Damrongphol, P., and Pokethitiyook, P. (2015). Histopathological changes in snail, Pomacea canaliculata, exposed to sub-lethal copper sulfate concentrations. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 122: 290-295 (Scopus  Journal Q1, ISI Q2)

Link: Year: 2015

Tag: Environmental Science   

Research Grants

Topic: Species Diversity, Status  and Recruitment of Coral in Patong Bay, Phuket

Source: Biodiversity-Based Development Office (Public Organisation)

Budget year: 2017-2018

Award and Scholarship

1st Runner up from poster presentation in 4th Blue Ocean Science Conference 2014, Thailand

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